Aufin is a decentralized (defi) finance protocol that provides trustless investment and bond compounding,

Aufin is an AI-driven blockchain protocol powered by a new class of Artificial Intelligence: Cognitive Computing. Aufin defines a data structure called Cognitive Object, to store valuable data. Cognitive Objects are linked together in immutable blockchain-based graphs, and can be queried, updated, and shared by third parties. This enables a new form of open data that is decentralized, transparent and accountable. Aufin provides on-demand and trusted data by facilitating a marketplace where data providers can monetize their data and data consumers can buy the data they need from trusted sources. Aufin has a very attractive token sale structure. There is a total supply of 100 million tokens, with 60% of them being sold to the public in two stages, the first is private selling. The remaining 40% will be sold through two public sales, for a total of 10 million tokens sold each time. The public sale price will be lowered slightly each time to create a discount for early buyers.

Aufin was founded on changing things for the better – literally. We are here to improve the lives of those around us by making them more financially secure and creating a means through which they will be able to take care of themselves and their loved ones if necessary.

The #Aufin Protocol makes decentralized finance (DeFi) friendlier and more accessible to casual investors. One way they do this is through the #Aufin Autostaking Protocol which provides an innovative, user-friendly approach to earning rewards that can be deposited into one’s own portfolio and earn interest independently of any centralized payment system.

The #Aufin Autostaking protocol is designed to be friendly and accessible to new investors. By using AI technologies such as machine learning and deep reinforcement learning, it will make #Aufin confident in its role as the most profitable blockchain-based investment platform in existence while regularly rewarding users. Along with its ongoing features, such as payments at any time, this is a platform like no other that will ensure that you get the returns you need while keeping your investment safe and anonymous.

The Aufin Protocol revolutionizes #DeFi with the #Aufin Autostaking Protocol that offers the highest fixed APY, refreeze rewards every 10 minutes, and an intuitive buy-hold-earn system that grows your portfolio securely in your wallet.

Aufin was founded on changing things for the better – literally. We are here to improve the lives of those around us by making them more financially secure and creating a means through which they will be able to take care of themselves and their loved ones if necessary.

Aufin seeks to develop a decentralized financial application that allows users to benefit from this service. Some of their service offerings have $AUN tokens as rewards for active participation or passive use.



AUFIN #Aufin Insurance is a 5% risk buffer used to help stabilize token prices. It also helps ensure that all stakeholders will receive their rewards, even if [the market]( ] makes an unexpected downturn.


With #Aufin tokens, you will always have access to your tokens and can use them in your business as freely as you need at any point in time 24/7 when needed. All you have to do is buy & hold as you automatically receive the prize in your own wallet, which means no more complicated betting process is required due to the fact that there is no pre-defined period during which you can and cannot make transactions with money. in your account.


You don’t have to worry about staking your tokens because the automatic smart contract will handle everything for you. Interest is paid automatically and also pooled in your own wallet. Nothing is easier!


Aufin rewards investors with the highest interest rates in all of decentralized finance, paying 480,419.00% interest in the first 12 months. The reward rate drops around Epoch which is a special time that happens every 2,300 blocks or roughly every 21 hours on average.


The #Aufin protocol pays every investor in its program every day. It is the fastest compounding crypto program out there, and also SECURE as payments are made using our trading bots and algorithms.


One of the great things about #Aufin is The Fireplace – which is our token burning feature that automatically burns 2.5% of all tokens purchased on our exchange every transaction. This ensures that there is never an excess amount of tokens on the market, and if there is, it will be very clear to anyone with open eyes that something fishy is not right!


AUFIN Aufin uses proprietary trading algorithms that affect Rebase Rewards. The algorithm is affected by the percentage of the cost of buying/selling trades generated in Aufin’s BTC, ETH and NEM wallets.

The rebasing reward, although capped at the 0.01613% rate is supported by The Rebase Insurance which helps maintain interest rates for the $AUN token in the long term. While this is good to know, it doesn’t necessarily relate to new token holders so we can make a few key points that sum it all up nicely.

When it comes down to it, #Aufin Insurance saves members from the risk of getting caught in a flash crash. What makes us so effective is our protocol’s ability to keep prices stable over time. Our commitment to sustainability and stability means that we will always have many options for enhancing growth. We can also save members from drying out because our protocols are designed with the best interests of individuals in mind and do not take advantage of them as other financial institutions might.


Aufin Treasury is like a bank account but specifically designed to protect the value of the Aufin Network Token. With that said, we can rest assured that no one will devalue the Aufin token and our existing bitcoin holdings in the process.

It is very important to have a sense of humor when it comes to the market. While we don’t expect the value of $AUN to drop at all, setting aside some money for a rainy day can be a wise move for many reasons: – You may want to pay employees if you need additional resources but don’t have the time or inclination to deal with hiring so it’s like used to leave it off your plate (enhancement) – you may want to lock in some tokens as “skins in the game” as part of the ICO bonus structure (enhancement) Yup, we get that long term trading isn’t something everyone likes.

the community treasury is a pool of money that the entire Aufin community can choose how to distribute! The concept and idea of ​​treasury was first designed about three years ago. Since then, the community treasury has been put to good use and has helped sustain the growth of many #Aufin products, services and projects. The treasury will continue to be used to fund new items which will expand not only the value of #Aufin but also help in providing new great opportunities!


Fireplace is a way to burn or destroy a certain amount of coins (2.5% of all transactions). The more transactions that are made, the more coins are destroyed which means the circulating supply decreases and the transactions become more valuable over time.

The constant burning of supply means that the value of the token will automatically be worth more, due to its reduced quantity in circulation and increased demand.


Aufin Auto-Liquidity will inject liquidity into the network. The first use case of our decentralized platform is to use $AUN as a method to unlock instant liquidity. On each exchange process, #Aufin collects a small fee and directs the money automatically to the LP wallet. A management mechanism is built into the protocol smart contract, which then takes 50% of the funds and buys BNB whenever needed automatically.

All remaining $AUN in the Auto-Liquidity Project (ALP) wallet will be used to purchase BNB, increasing the supply of BNB and thereby increasing its price. This method is known as market creation, and is a common way for new and existing cryptocurrency exchanges to increase liquidity.

Aufin Auto -Liquidity will be done every two days to add liquidity to the pool. This way, holders of $AUN tokens will be able to easily sell their tokens at any given time and avoid major market slumps that could indicate a decline in value. #Aufin Auto -Liquidity will also help maintain protocol stability so that APY levels are maintained throughout their lifetime.


APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield which represents your Earnings as a percentage of the total investment amount. This number is used to measure how well your money is performing in the investment, measured against the total value of the investment in a certain period. For example if you invest $AUN tokens this means that compound interest will be added periodically to your $AUN tokens during the rebase event so you can earn more and more collateral.

The amount of new #Aufin tokens you receive is calculated as follows: (your current #Aufin token balance X selected multiplier) + your current #Aufin token balance. Your new rebase reward is calculated based on the final number of #Aufin tokens you have multiplied by the selected multiplier.


Because compound interest is a very powerful way to increase your return on savings or investments, it’s important to include it when making wealth-building decisions. To illustrate this thought process, imagine one person saving $4 daily for 30 days for a total of $120 and another person saving the same amount but their plans are combined for 6 months at the same interest rate:


$AUN tokens are distributed every ten minutes for the next twelve years as a reward to token owners. Every time you receive an AUN reward, your position in the queue to get paid again is automatically moved up, meaning that even if you occasionally miss a payment, your total earnings will always increase as long as you are tokenized. holder.





When you trade as an investor, on average you have to pay 16% of the value of your trade in transaction fees (known as “taker fees).” The lower fee structure we have at Aufin gives us the ability to return 480,419.00% annually to our investors’ credit accounts.


Aufin Insurance….5%

Aufin Treasury…..2.5% Aufin

Fireplace…..2.5% Aufin



Aufin Insurance….5%

Aufin Treasury…..4.5% Aufin

Fireplaces…..2.5% Aufin



Aufin Protocol is a protocol that allows users to generate continuous compound interest on their assets. This is done by using Ethereum smart contracts to allow users to store their assets in the #Aufin Wallet, where the protocol will generate interest automatically. The protocol will use the Ethereum blockchain technology to allow users to earn a continuous, fixed compound interest.

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