11Minute Review


11Minutes is a platform that allows users to earn from the games they play. 11Minutes provides a variety of features that allow players to maximize their earnings more easily and safely. 11Minutes can be regarded as an innovative and profitable platform for its users because 11Minutes offers features that will make it easier for users to play and earn from their games. It is a blockchain based gaming platform that has a real economic system that today’s crypto users need. So hopefully with 11Minutes, players globally can play and earn more easily.

We are a team of 12 active in the hypercasual scene. Because of our work, we of course monitor the development of the gaming industry very carefully. Each of us is also interested in blockchain and its possibilities, so we come across Play2Earn games from time to time. Of course just for research reasons, as it should be for any reasonable developer, we certainly played some of these games.

We noticed that many of the games were more basic games with no frills, just existing concepts that were relatively impassively adapted to the blockchain, with the aim of pushing game tokens that were just as easily propagated to the market as the games themselves. At this point, I’m sure some games have crossed your mind. Yes, that’s the game we’re gossiping about right now.

Of course there is also jewelry, my personal favorite is “Gods Unchained”. The game is far from over and it still has its own quirks, but as a Hearthstone fan from the start, I had a lot of fun. Angry tongues will obfuscate that it’s just a copy of the famous game used on the blockchain. I’m just saying, yes, it’s true, but it’s well done and just fun! The collection is satisfying thanks to the combination of NFT creations with different material levels, which other trading card games cannot say. At this point, hats off “Gods Unchained”.


To participate in 11Minutes Game Sessions you don’t need a lot of money to get your Gaming Ticket.
To print NFT you need to pay around $45 and since we are on the Polygon Network you will have to pay less than $0.01 in fuel costs.

A high ranking on the leaderboard will give you a high prize, as funds from NFT Sales will go into the prize pool.
First place in a session can win prizes up to $80,000. Everyone in the top 25% will always win more than they invested.

With each gaming session you have to play a new game. Will never be bored. You will have 11 Minutes for each game to learn it and reach high score.

Apart from getting into the top 25% of the leader board, you can use your NFT to bet, you will earn $ELVN or own Tokens, which will be available this year.
We will ensure that, every player will earn with every NFT they hold and always get back their initial investment and earn money on top of that.
Of course we found other giants like “Axie Infinity” along the way. Axie is really very smart, the NFT idea is used really well here. That leaves a lot of people using their own version of the same system, but let’s stick with Axie.

Breeding is fun and associated with a certain tension, of course certain tactics are also needed here. In my opinion, the game itself is not the best. A large community has formed around him, with scholarships and everything, but it’s a bit monotonous. People are still getting it right, as evidenced by the inclusion of the Samsung Next.

11Minutes Platform is a unique global gaming platform built using multiple smart contract systems, bringing together all parts of the gaming industry ecosystem where all players, developers, merchants and gaming community can get a fair, transparent and fair reward that they get in ELVN Tokens which easily exchanged on the open market. The ecosystem built around the gaming process can be broadcast using the 11Minutes Streaming platform, ELVN Coin as well as being a marketplace for the gaming platform as well as a platform for trading in-game items. The 11Minutes platform Developer Market gets a share of the transaction fees and bets. In this case ELVN Coin withdraws funds to make this game on the 11Minutes crowdfunding Platform, part of the income is also distributed to investors.


For more information, please visit the link below:

Website: https://elevenminutes.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/11minutesnft
Medium: https://medium.com/@11Minutes
Telegram: https://t.me/minutes11
Dispute: https://discord.gg/invite/cxMzwcVxR6
Username: Lukakuh
Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122430

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