Digital Arms

Digital Arms is a firearms-related premium NFT creator under the Hunter Token cryptocurrency

There is a current opening in the firearm, gaming, and hunting adventures in that there is no way for the purchase, ownership and trade of cutting edge weapons and additional items. Digital Arms have recognized the hunting and gaming organizations as high advancement districts that may give beneficial market results.

The things that Digital Arms intend to make are absolutely stand-out and have never been attempted. Digital Arms will convey firearm NFTs in various plans, which will be made to be interoperable with any game. Game architects may embed a particular justification behind the NFTs at their reasonability and Digital Arms will offer game creators an opportunity to sell NFTs on their establishment, giving them a pay piece of the profits.

The Digital ARMS Ecosystem

Digital Arms has encouraged a natural framework for hunting and weapon enthusiasts dependent on Blockchain Technology. Digital Arms will give an organic framework to the hunting and firearm neighborhood, engage them to soak in a NFT experience they’re energetic about.

The organic framework offers numerous components, organizations and things including :

– Firearm-related Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Produced using the genuine PC helped plan (CAD).

– Global NFT allowing advantages

– A high level business community that will work with the trading of NFTs and other automated assets.

– The Hunter Token ($HNTR) works with the entire Digital Arms organic framework.

– Digital Arms select dealer organizations and experiences like hunting Safaris.

Digital Arms’ element thing will at first include the high level diversion of veritable weapon related NFTs. Each NFT will have an extraordinary identifier that will allow different pieces of programming, for instance, PC games and metaverses, to examine the data and recreate the weapon inside their electronic environment.

Profoundly, the association will collect and convey firearm Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that will have explicit capacities. For example, having the choice to add various enhancements like optical sights, high breaking point magazines, holds, silencers, and being reskinned in different shades or conceivably designs, etc

Digital Arms NFTs will be sparse, collectable, and will be interoperable with PC games. Digital Arms will in like manner convey The Digital Armory, which is a business place where individuals can get, sell and trade the NFTs which they own. The stage will allow customers to purchase critical weapon NFTs which will be meager and collectable. Moreover, the association will work with industry pioneers to give further utility to our NFTs through affiliations like airdrops on explicit NFTs or in-game useability.

For select conveyances, Digital Arms will team up with internationally dependable weapon brands on the appearance of NFTs, worked from the genuine PC upheld plan (CAD) used to create the firearm. Affiliations will fuse those collecting weapons for the military, similarly as firearms for a-list shooting and hunting.

The hunting climate will give a single booking library to worldwide coordinated Safari Hunts, where each merchant can be helpfully found by our customers. Our customers will really need to use their $HNTR tokens with the brokers and the vendors will get higher receptiveness and possibly a more broad display of customers.


A non-fungible token is a class of cutting edge asset that exists on the web, has extraordinary properties, and is supervised in an electronic record, i.e., a Blockchain. These high level assets become critical because of qualities like their lack: Each NFT serialized and is contributed with a statement of validness.

The Hunter Token ($HNTR) will be the middle method of exchange that works with the entire Digital Arms organic framework. Tracker Token ($HNTR) is an advanced cash token dependent on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). The representative will be used all through the Digital Arms stage, to purchase and sell NFTs, similarly as to get to other stage features.



Hunter Token ($HNTR) is a cryptocurrency token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). It is the token that will be used throughout the Digital Arms platform, to purchase and sell NFTs, as well as to access other platform features.HNTR token is expected to be listed on a decentralized exchange by Q4, 2021.

Max supply — 1 billion.

The $HNTR token circulating supply is highly unlikely to ever reach a market capitalization of 1 billion, due to the burn features implemented and further discussed. Tokens are divisible up to 8 decimal places.

Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) is used because:

1. It is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, meaning it is interoperable with existing Ethereum wallets.

2. Being a side chain, it has lower transaction fees than the Ethereum Main Chain.

3. In comparison to other EVM sidechains, Binance Smart Chain has the most adoption.

Digital Arms will set up on-chain and off-chain liquidity pools which will allow users to provide liquidity for the $HNTR token, whilst earning rewards. Liquidity pools will help facilitate the ecosystem and allow community members and merchants to exit their $HNTR position if they so choose.

Burn / Reward

The Digital Arms Ecosystem has developed a burn and reward mechanism for the $HNTR token:

Token Burn

0.5% of every transaction on the Digital Arms NFT platform will result in $HNTR token burn, meaning the max token circulation volume will reduce over time.

Active User Rewards

0.25% of every transaction on the Digital Arms NFT platform will be stored in the pool. The pool’s purpose will be used to reward users in some way or another.

Token Utility

The $HNTR token will be used to facilitate the Digital Arms ecosystem. Interactions within the Digital Arms ecosystem will require the use of the token. The plan is to implement $HNTR in the following use cases:

● Firearm NFTs

The Digital Arms community can use their SHNTR to purchase firearm NFTS.

● NFT Accessories

Digital Arms NFT owners will be able to purchase accessories for their firearms, as described throughout this document.

● Digital Armory

Facilitate the resale of their NFTs to other users via the Digital Arms online marketplace.

● Ecommerce auction site

Ecosystem for users to list and sell hunting-related goods at reduced fees,

● Merchants

More transparent transactions, and token incentives.Hunting/firearm store merchants can accept $HNTR as payment for their Advertising Digital Arms ecosystem, or elsewhere, using $HNTR tokens.

● Game Developers

Game developers can pay using $HNTR to request firearm NFTs to be created which will be interoperable with their games. $HNTR may also be integrated in-game to allow gamers to transact.

● Safari Hunting

Ecosystem to facilitate the safari hunting industry, allowing for faster bookings, faster payments, transparent transactions, and token incentives


The value of the $HNTR token is reflected in the growth and utility of the community and the ecosystem. An ecosystem not only for those who own physical firearms but also for those who admire and respect firearms. first-person shooter players and collectors. The Hunter Token (© HNTR) will become the primary medium of exchange in the entire digital ecosystem.

The Digital Arms flagship will initially be the digital recreation of the NFTS related to real firearms, including, but not limited to, replica firearms and firearms accessories. High Quality. Each NFT has a unique ID that allows various software, such as video games and metaverse, to read the data and recreate the gun in their digital environment. The platform is designed and designed as a multi-modular system facet that serves the diverse services within the Digital Arms ecosystem.

The Hunting Ecosystem will provide a unique reservation directory for International Guided Safari Hunts where every merchant can be easily found by users. Users will be able to use their $HNTR tokens with traders and traders will benefit from higher exposure and potentially a wider range of customers. Like all NFTS, the value of Hunter Tokens is largely determined by their popularity with fans.


Tokens will be distributed in the following rounds

Pre-Seed — 150,000,000

Seed — 80,000,000

Whitelist Sale — 60,000,000

Presale — 30,000,000

Public Sale — 30,000,000

Strategic Partnerships — 1,000,000

Team — 200,000,000

Advisors — 50,000,000

Treasury — 300,000,000


● 2021 — Q3

Establishment of CEO and Team Company formation

White paper

Licensing Agreements with industry-leading brands

● 2021 — Q4

Hunter Token website created

Development of Digital Arms Platform concludes

Wallet development concludes

Digital Arms website development concludes

Listing on Pancake swap

● 2022 — Q1

First licensed brand NFT minting

Digital Arms website release

Staking available for Hunter Token

Development of Hunting Satan Booking platform

● 2022 — Q2

Second NFT rewards token announcement

NFT Staking / Bumping introduced

NFT integration to gaming and metaverse

Secondary NFT marketplace available

● 2022 — Q3

Digital Arms App.

Augmented reality integrated with NFTs

User interaction

Fully operational first and secondary marketplace


The core team is an excellent combination of technology, business and strategy. Coming from various backgrounds including SME management, business development, marketing and the firearms and gaming industries, our combined experience provides a strong foundation for the Digital Arms project.

Chris Watkins, Founder

Chris Watkins is a hands-on Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with expertise in business development and operations, through strategic foresight, drive, and determination, Chris built a strong foundation for his successful multimillion-dollar company TSA Outdoors, of which has capitalized on managing SMEs from a c-suite level.lAs a leader and self sufficient innovator, 2021 has seen Chris be the driver in developing Digital Arms and Hunter token


Nathan Dudney, VP BizDev

Nathan has had a wealth of knowledge and experience in the contractual relations and sales space. He has spent more than ten years working with firearms manufacturers across a variety of roles including product management, sales and marketing, program management, manufacturing and business management.

Mike Sexton, CTO

Mike is a seasoned solution architect and software developer with experience across a broad range of technologies and industries. He has a passion for blockchain and a keen vision for the future of these disruptive technologies. With over 25 years of experience working for large corporates and consulting firms, Mike has been through all stages of complex system builds and implementations.

Matt Garrod, CFO

Matthew is the Chief Financial Officer of Digital Arms and has 18 years of experience working across the UK and Australia in a variety of commercial and finance roles. Matthew’s role will have an emphasis on identifying, understanding and managing financial risks of the project, as well as on looking after investor relations.

Ben Clarke, CMO

Ben is the Chief Marketing Officer of Digital Arms, bringing over 12 years of experience working with top tier brands. Ben’s ability to effectively develop and enhance business relationships will be utilized for the Digital Arms project.

Sarah Edwards, Head of Design

Sarah Edwards heads up Design and Branding for Digital Arms. She has been working in the digital design space for over 20 years and her skills range widely from visual, digital and user interface to print and packaging solutions.


NFTs are a class of assets of this economy A non-fungible token is a class of digital assets that exist online, has unique properties, and is managed in a digital ledger, i.e., a Blockchain. These digital assets become valuable because of attributes such as their scarcity: Each NFT is serialized and is invested with a certificate of authenticity. They cannot be replicated. Furthermore, when they are purchased, their ownership is recorded immutably against the NFT, and when traded, the change in ownership is recorded the same way. Due to these attributes, NFTS has become a very popular class of emerging digital assets.

Backed by Blockchain platforms, NFTS saw their birth among crypto enthusiasts but have rapidly entered the mainstream through sports collectables such NBA Top Shot, with international also poised to move into this space. The demand for NFTs is continuing to surge and the NFT market is showing no signs of slowing down.NTFS enable new and more decentralized actors to use programmability to create new value exchanges that transform industry structures. This new digital asset class is also a new digital product that executive leaders should integrate into their future digital business strategies because this is something that people and the community enjoy!

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