NFT — The Latest Blockchain Madness!

Freelancing is a mythological virtual life conceptualized by a team of artists and engineered by blockchain enthusiasts. Its vision is to build an ecosystem that allows users to create, experience, and monetize their content and apps. Every creativity on Lepasa is an NFT token (ERC-721) and is always owned by its holder on the Ethereum blockchain, giving them complete control over wherever and for whatever they want to use it.

Unlike other virtual properties, Lepasa is not controlled by a centralized organization. There is no single authority with the power to change the rules of the software, content, token economy, or prevent others from accessing it.

NFT — The Latest Blockchain Madness!

Gamers have been trading virtual currencies and assets for years, from Fortnight cosmetic character skins to World of Warcraft gold. But in traditional games, you don’t really own anything in cyberspace because the economy exists exclusively in closed markets.
NFT creates opportunities for all types of creators (visual arts, game designers, musicians, etc.) and opens up new revenue streams. Part of what makes them so attractive is the variety of assets they can represent: virtual collectibles, game items, digital artwork, event tickets, real estate, identity documents, certifications, and more. The NFT market is exploding right now, as early adopters and Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are trying to cash in on the trend.
Lepasa Foundation:
Switzerland was one of the first countries to introduce a legal framework for cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. By introducing less complex digital concepts in the form of NFT & DeFi solutions, the ecosystem built in the crypto valley will facilitate the mass adoption of blockchain & cryptocurrencies.
Lepasa Foundation will ensure decentralization of project authority & governance & ultimately lay the foundation stone for a larger audience to adapt cryptocurrency & take advantage of its enormous possibilities.
We are willing to establish the Lepasa Foundation under Swiss law.
We are building an ecosystem that will unite all those who believe in innovation to join the Crypto & NFT revolution. The world is moving to witness an unprecedented speed. With Freelancing, you can experience all possible opportunities and fun.
Virtual Tourism is something that has a strong future. When artists around the world can inhabit their imaginations on the Lapasa platform, it brings the possibility even for school students and researchers to visit Lepasa for study, training and adventure.

Electronic commerce:
Online shopping on website and mobile is very well established to the core of every corner around the world, It is likely that the large number of freelancers can inspire global sellers to sell real goods to users through their virtual store on the platform. Other virtual world games have witnessed this.

Ikhtisar NFT
Non-Fungible Tokens are a new and exciting product in the luxury market. As the crypto community is blessed in terms of scrutiny, But the current offerings are not mature enough to monetize the market.

NFT is still in its early stages in many aspects. And there are many strong use cases for potential businesses in the current situation viz.

A. You
B. Virtual Land
C. Games
D. Animation Collection
These four categories are rated the most promising as NFT and in the future Lepasa will serve them all.


Legendary Lepasa is created exclusively for the Lepasa community and can only be obtained with a $ LEPA token.

High Liquidity: The $LEPA token provides sufficient liquidity to project to exchange between NFT and tokens

Hyper Deflation: Each swap burns $LEPA tokens, which ensures continuous scarcity.

Staking: Hold $LEPA tokens and stake for rewards.

Crosschain: Access $LEPA on multiple public blockchains.


It is important for you to know the token economy and how we will use the funds.

Total Supply: 100 M

Initial Circulation Supply: Less than 10%

List Price: $0.15

Public Sale: $0.10

Token Distribution

Everything you want to know about Free Token Distribution.

1% Public sale – Price: $0.10

List Price – $0.15

Strategic & Private Distribution – 10% will be given on listing, Then daily vesting for 365 days.

Basic Recommendation – After 1 year, daily vesting for 365 days.

Marketing & Business Development – 10% awarded on listing, Then given daily for 365 days.

Liquidity – 10% of the total supply is allocated for liquidity.

Team – After 1 year, daily vesting for 365 days.

Advisor – After 1 year, daily vesting for 365 days.


Use of Funds

This is how the funds will be used.

40% of the funds will be used to support development.

Marketing actions such as market entry strategies will reach 20% of the total funds raised.

Law and Accounting will represent 10% of the total funds raised.

30% of the funds will be used to provide liquidity to the exchange.


Contact information

Website: https://www.lepasa.com/
WhitePaper: https://www.lepasa.com/assets/docs/whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lepasaorg
Telegram: https: // t . me/lepasa_discuss
Medium: https://lepasa.medium.com/

Username: Lukakuh
Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122430

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