Stan World

Stan World

creating a virtual world into the real world

About Stan World
Stan World is a virtual world platform from Stans, by Stans, and for Stans. We find that the strongest, most genuine friendships are formed between people who share the same interests and passion. As ourselves from several cultures, we understand that “stanning” with the public – such as shows, films, books, stories, characters, sports, bands, artists, video games, brands, products, hobbies, etc. – can act as a vulnerability, perhaps in a world where people under constant “cold” pressure, pursue metrics of arrogance (for example, ‘likes’ and ‘followers’) to be accepted in ‘friends’ and the general public.
As such, we have created Stan World – an oasis of acceptance and support – where gifts from long-lasting new connections are celebrated and some perspectives that might delegate this space are ignored.
However, Stan World is more than just a social platform; this is the world. Users find friends in new ways:We have designed the Stan World ecosystem to provide equal and fair benefits to all participants through blockchain technology.Access to Stan World is currently only open to Stan Coin holders and now starts the Stan Coin sales round.Sales are limited, so be one of the first citizens of the New World when you open!

Stan World is the next generation of social media supported by VR, Blockchain, and AI. This will be the first platform in the blockchain / crypto industry that will get real mass adoption by mainstream audiences – Gen-Z, teens & young adults born from 1992 to 2005. The way Gen-Z consumes media and communicates online is changing, therefore, we have created Stan World that will redefine friend discovery & outreach in unique new ways. By 2020, Gen-Z will contribute 40% of all consumers and influence nearly $ 4 billion in discretionary spending, so the time is right.Stan Coin is a cryptocurrency utility that is used for various purposes, including:• Valuable Creations: Creators get the most out of their creations.• Encourage participation: Users are valued for their contribution through engagement activities such as testing creation, reviews and promotions.• Bridging the real world: Transactions not only occur in the virtual world, but also in the real world, where users can exchange coins.About Stan WorldStan World, however, is more than just a social platform; that is the world. Users find friends in new ways through:• virtual reality: socialize through face-to-face conversations imitated in the deep 3D virtual world• virtual avatars: be what you want and express your identity through fully customizable avatars• virtual community: join Standoms, a community of users who gather based on the same interests / hobbies• virtual activities: watching movies, attending concerts, playing games, going to amusement parks, or relaxing together in a virtual worldEverything in our world is fully designed, created and run by the community.Through our AI-powered creation tools, each user or group of friends – without any background knowledge – can contribute to their community as:• creator: uses keywords to produce virtual objects to create items, experiences, and games.• users: contribute to this creation through various forms of engagement such as testing, reviewing, and promotionStan Coin, Stan World’s main currency, is guaranteed by a blockchain smart contract that makes all attributions verifiable and irreversible. We use the blockchain to ensure that creators / users are compensated automatically, safely and instantly.Stan Coin is a cryptocurrency utility with a variety of uses at:• creations that reward: creators get the largest percentage of profits generated from their creations• incentivize incentives: users also get prizes when they contribute through engagement activities such as testing, reviewing and promoting creation• bridging the real world: transactions take place in the virtual world but also in the real world where users can use coins interchangeablyThrough blockchain technology, we have designed the Stan World ecosystem to provide equal and fair benefits to all participants.Access to Stan World is currently only open to Stan Coin holders and we are now starting our Stan Coin sales round.Sales will be limited, so be sure to participate when we open and become one of the first citizens in the new world!


Pre-sale: 26 Sep 2019 – Oct 3 2019

Public sales: 03 Oct 2019 – 31 Oct 2019

Token supply: 1,000,000,000 STAN

Total tokens sold: 550,000,000 STAN

Soft cap: 5.000.000 USD

Hard cap: 30.000.000 USD

Info token

Ticker: STAN

Type: Utility-token

Price of tokens in USD: 1 STAN = 0.75 USD

Price of the token in ETH: 1 STAN = 0.0043 ETH

Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, USD, EOS, LTC, TRX, XRP, ADA

Bonus program:

ICO Bonuses (bonuses for various stages):

Pre-Sales: $ 0.10 USD, 15% Bonus, 2019/09 / 26-10 / 10

Round 1: $ 0.25 USD, 10% Bonus, 2019/10 / 17-10 / 19

Round 2: $ 0.50 USD, 5% Bonus, 2019/10 / 24-10 / 26

Round 3: $ 0.75 USD, 5% Bonus, 2019/10 / 31-11 / 02

Token distribution:

55% – Token Sale

15% – Tim

10% – Mitra

10% – Marketing

10% – Suggestions

Budget allocation:

50% – Development

10% – Surgery

10% – Legal

10% – Marketing

10% – Creator Fund

10% – Suggestions

Roadmap Stan World

Q1 2020


Launch of K-pop Standom.

Sales of Coins + 5 ~ 10 Exchanges.

Creation tools recognize words.

The creation tool activates the production of virtual goods.

Blockchain activates a virtual goods referral reward system.

Kemitraan festival K-pop.

Q2-Q3 2020


Launch of Anime Standoms.

More listings on the exchange.

Creation tools recognize phrases.

The creation tool activates the production experience.

Blockchain activates the virtual goods market.

Comic-con partnership.

Q4 2020 – Q1 2021


Launch of Influencer Standoms.

Creation tool recognizes sentences.

The creation tool activates collaboration creation.

Blockchain activates collaboration payment systems.

Influencer a virtual fan meeting.

Influencers related to convention partnerships.

Q2-Q3 2021


Launch of Standoms Mitra.

Creation tools recognize paragraphs.

The creation tool activates game production.

The creation & blockchain tool activates the asset upload & reward system.

Blockchain activates a collaborator discovery system.

Blockchain activates the brand sponsorship system.

Q4 2021

Large launch campaign.

Launch streaming system.

Creation tools recognize stories.

The creation tool activates the production of VR content.

Blockchain activates the creator-support system.

An exclusive virtual event.

Project team

Kee Hoon Lee: Pendiri & CEO

Lihat Chin Woon: Co-founder & CTO

Peter Jung: Co-founder & COO

Joon Kim: Developers

Joseph Park: Developer

David Ko: Business Analyst

Jin Yu: Business Developer

Kelly Cheng: Business Developer

Simon Lee: Finance


David Moon: CounselorINFORMATION

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