Decentralized Blockchain-based media platform

Blockchain is a new technology with functions to disrupt the world system. The effects of this innovation have been felt in a number of sectors, including the financial sector, education, health, technology, and many others. Cryptoknowmics has seen all of its functions and wants to bring it to the media sector. This leads to the creation of the platform that I want to talk about today, Cryptoknowmics.

Cryptoknowmics is just a decentralized media platform. Cryptoknowmics is a blockchain based project that aims to build a media platform that provides incentives for their ecosystems. Cryptoknowmics revolutionizes the media ecosystem and characterizes the entire system.

Cryptoknowmics strives to become the largest media platform that wants to focus on crypto-related space. They built a body that provides regular information and media services in the crypto space to stimulate their ecosystem.

Take it or leave it, the world is entering an era of decentralization driven by blockchain technology. The crypt room is new and fresh, many people haven’t heard much and there is no reliable media house that offers this service. Cryptoknowmics took over the task of building a media system for the crypto space. Cryptoknowmics has been developed as the largest media platform that regularly provides people with information about the Blockchain project and any updates that occur in the crypto space. I hope we all enjoy this opportunity. They are the final destination of all the information you need about cryptosystem.

The problem

Since the production of Bitcoin in 2009, digital money has grown abnormally and the potential to create new items, administration, markets and speculation opens doors for individuals throughout the world. Cryptographic money quickly draws enthusiasm throughout the population and quickly becomes the basis for regular exchange. This has raised tremendous interest in news and administration related to krypton. To be honest, there are hundreds, if not a large number of internet sites and media related to crypto. However, practically most of this media is centralized or spends a lot of time in one or more parts of the crypto space. In this way Individuals must regularly reach various sources / stadiums to solve their problems, because there are no solid sources or stages that can productively and precisely serve the practical needs of all parts of the crypto market. On the other hand, this situation has made it difficult for advertisers of cryptographic and administrative assets to reach the mass market without expensive battles.

The solution

Cryptoknowmics is building decentralization at all levels, covering almost all areas of the crypto space and becoming a special hotspot for reliable data and company management. In the end he built the Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal for the crypto world with many additions.



We publish true and reliable information that is thoroughly reviewed by our talented and trustworthy staff.


This platform collects crypto news from more than 3000 sources including other crypto news sites, blogs, articles, social media, official announcements into one platform that allows users to stay up to date with the crypto world.


We allow users to provide feedback, publish their own articles, participate in open discussion forums, play games and win tokens.


Real innovation lies in content strategy where users are incentivized for almost every action they take on a platform including just reading a news release or article. No news provider will incentivize readers, this is industry first.

This platform contains the following components:

  • Krypton news and updates
  • Message integration in crypto
  • Index-Krypto
  • Market and price analysis
  • Blog-Krypto
  • ICO, STO, and IEO list and ranking
  • List of tokens and coins
  • Register and rate DApp
  • Game platform Crypto
  • Register and wallet
  • Forum diskusi Crypto
  • List of crypto events
  • Copy / delete job
  • Airdrop registration and administration
  • ICO-Launchpad
  • Tutorial and Blockchain course

Fitur Crypto Snowmics

  • Integrated real-time news from more than 3000 sources
  • A comprehensive overview of the global market
  • AI based targeting
  • Tutorial provides market information
  • Elimination of AI due to fake news

Token Info

  • Nama Token: Token Cryptoknowmics
  • Simbol ticker: CKM
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Total chip offer: 10 billion
  • Harga token: US $ 0,0024
  • Hardcap: 6 million US dollars

Distribution token

  • Personal Sales / Quantity 25.00%
  • Order 15.00% Bonus
  • Consultants and strategic partners, 10.00%
  • 15.00% team suggestion
  • Bounties and air drops 5.00%
  • Contributors / Customers 30.00%

Use of funds

  • 20.0% platform development
  • Marketing and Advertising 20.0%
  • Strategic partnership and business development 20.0%
  • Operating Costs 20.0%
  • Law and Compliance 10.0%
  • Security and cyber security 5.0%
  • 5.0% recommendation


roadmapCryptoknowmics is developing a global distributed data platform for information and services for the world.Q1 2019January – March 2019

  • Portal Cryptoknowmics beta

Q2 2019Apr – June 2019

  • CKM mobile application – Android & Apple
  • Platform Airdrop

Q3 2019Jul – September 2019

  • Sale of IEO tokens
  • Crypto Games melalui CKM
  • forum

Q4 2019October – 2019

  • Blockchain based tokens distribution for authors and end users
  • Start the organization of crypto events and conferences
  • Launchpad ICO / STO
  • Arbitrage – 200+ exchanges \ 10,000+ trading pairs

Q1 2020January – March 2020

  • AI-based fake message detection
  • AI based API specifically for end users and businesses

Q2 2020Apr – Jun 2020

  • AI based advertising platform

Q3 2020July – September 2020

  • Index-crypto




If you want to know more about the Cryptoknowmics project, you can visit the link below. That’s all I wrote at this time and only a few key points from this project. Further information can be found under the following linkWebsite:      https://www.cryptoknowmics.ioWhite Paper: thread: beltinel

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